Zach Poitra

Financial Advisor

Zach spent ten years working on Wall Street as an institutional stockbroker and two years with Allstate as a retirement advisor. He then founded and ran a successful personal development business.

Zach recognized that family, friends and clients were often struggling to plan effectively for retirement. They were in clear need of effective financial advice, which he is well equipped to provide. He was drawn to Insight Folios and its unique approach to financial planning and income investing as the best way to help those around him.

Zach resides in Chattanooga, Tennessee but enjoys working with clients throughout the United States. By leveraging technology, he is able to meet “face-to-face” with clients online, adding convenience and flexibility to the planning process. Using Simplicitree®, a proprietary retirement planning software program, clients can see first-hand how various financial strategies may work for or against them and their specific retirement goals.

When Zach is not working with clients to develop retirement plans, he enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking and mountain biking. He is also a student of scripture and loves spending time with his young son, Bodhi.