Every generation has its unique challenges, but parenting has always been one of them. Parents try to prepare their children to be independent, but economic forces are conspiring to make that increasingly more difficult. A new survey* found that more than half of Americans aged 21 to 37 have received some form of financial assistance from a parent, guardian, or family member since turning 21.

Family relationships can become complicated when money is involved. However, balancing supporting family with saving for your own retirement is possible with the right plan.

It’s been a long winter for the markets, and news outlets continue to speculate on a bear vs. a continued bull market with every move stocks make, and with every newly published economic indicator. But, for long-term investors, who’s afraid of a little bear?

Timing the market is impossible. The best approach, as it is with winter weather, is to be prepared. A comprehensive financial plan that we work on together can encompass today’s needs with tomorrow’s goals.